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Note the following is historical information. We keep it posted on the website in the interest of promoting a safe and crime free community (please read).


Copper streetlight wiring thefts!

Please be on heightened alert and ready to call 911 if you see anything!!


Vandals hit the Country Hollow and Brookfield neighborhoods in May and early June of 2012 leaving parts of the community in the dark. All lights are back in operation now but we all need to keep our eyes and ears open - let's get these theives brought to justice.

Police/Sheriff reports have been made each time and we certainly hope that with your watchful eyes and 911 dialing when you see anything, that these thieves will be caught once and for all!!


You may have recently heard or read that someone boldly stole copper wire right out of the live working streetlight system. While the theft of copper wire from construction sites is not uncommon of late... live wires are certainly a new phenomenon that no one could have anticipated.

This is the kind of thing that costs each of us. While the HOA made a claim on its insurance for this upwards of $40,000.00 repair for the big one - the largest theft to date, there are deductibles which had to be met with cash. Though this semms to have quieted down; we ask you, the residents of Silver Creek, to please keep your eyes and ears and all other senses open.


It is very important that ALL residents be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. If you see anything please call the Pierce County Sheriff (911) immediately! We would also appreciate informational reports: — in criminal instances though, please contact the Sheriff first.


Your Association Leadership strongly encourages all of you to be proactive in helping to prevent this type of activity, and report anything that you witness.


Here are some suggestions:

  • Leave your porch lights on additional lighting can only help -(thieves normally operate behind the shield of darkness).


  • Get to know your neighbors! Where people communicate, thieves don’t infiltrate.


  • Watch your area (you can even do this from inside).


And finally;

  • Listen to your dogs… they usually only bark when they hear something. Check it out.

While the contractor who did these repairs took extra measures to secure these electrical boxes, we all know that no locks are 100% guaranteed to keep thieves out. Together we can reduce crime and save ourselves money by being aware.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Street Trees

Questions have arisen regarding 'street trees'. These would be the trees that are similar and may be planted in the 'parking strips' (the grass area between the sidewalk and the street in front of your house) and which line the streets... They are not planted through the entire community but do exist in several neighborhoods. The Board has noted that the maintenance of these trees is the responsibility of the homeowner whose lot they exist in front of. These trees need to be kept trimmed as to allow clear passage of pedestrians and vehicles. They may not be removed unless there is a legitimate problem with them, and any tree removed would need to be replaced with an approved species. Board permission would need to be granted to make any changes so if you have a disease or rot issue or something along those lines with your tree, please get in touch with the board in writing and the board will take it under consideration and advise accordingly.



(curb painting)


It has come to the Association's attention that someone is going around offering to paint house addresses on curbs in the community. Please note that these curbs are common area property controlled by the Association. In the past the Board of Directors has allowed this action however only in the basic "black on white" color scheme. Any deviation from this these colors would require board approval. Painting that may have occurred recently in a different color scheme (without approval) will be required to be changed.  If you wish to request approval for anything different, you may send an email to for consideration. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Silver Creek as uniform as possible and for following the proper protocol regarding HOA rules.

Special Note regarding Ponds in the area: 

Retention Ponds are NOT playgrounds. It is very important that everyone - especially youngsters - stay out of those areas.  Anyone caught in the dry or wet ponds may be turned in to the authorities. The County is very strict about these areas and the maintenance is expensive. For the safety of everyone concerned, please make sure that your children understand the hazards of playing in areas that are not designated playgrounds.