Annoucements, Meetings & Events

Board and Committee Meetings:

The Silver Creek Home Owners Association (SCHOA) Board of Directors regular monthly meetings are held at the Community Center with a starting time of 6:30 pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except December). All Homeowners are welcome to attend and observe these meetings. 

The Silver Creek Home Owners Association (SCHOA) Architectural Control Committee (ACC) meets as necessary (usually at the end of board meetings). You can expect a reply to your ACC request no later than 30 days after it is received. 


(curb painting)


It has come to the Association's attention that someone is going around offering to paint house addresses on curbs in the community. Please note that these curbs are common area property controlled by the Association. In the past the Board of Directors has allowed this action however only in the basic "black on white" color scheme. Any deviation from this these colors would require board approval. Painting that may have occurred recently in a different color scheme (without approval) will be required to be changed.  If you wish to request approval for anything different, you may send an email to for consideration. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Silver Creek as uniform as possible and for following the proper protocol regarding HOA rules.

Street Trees

Questions have arisen regarding 'street trees'. These would be the trees that are similar and may be planted in the 'parking strips' (the grass area between the sidewalk and the street in front of your house) and which line the streets... They are not planted through the entire community but do exist in several neighborhoods. The Board has noted that the maintenance of these trees is the responsibility of the homeowner whose lot they exist in front of. These trees need to be kept trimmed as to allow clear passage of pedestrians and vehicles. They may not be removed unless there is a legitimate problem with them, and any tree removed would need to be replaced with an approved species. Board permission would need to be granted to make any changes so if you have a disease or rot issue or something along those lines with your tree, please get in touch with the board in writing and the board will take it under consideration and advise accordingly.




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Misc. Info:


Sample Watering Restrictions Guide (Rainier View Water)  

This flyer is from 2015 when the water company decided to impose watering guidelines in order to encourage water conservation. There are almost NEVER watering restrictions that are implemented and all homeowners are expected to keep their lawns green per the governing documents (established rules).



June 2014