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Please be aware that, for the safety of our community and our children, the Silver Creek HOA recently installed some new speed bumps. These are located on 97th Ave E in Brookfield and on 88th Ave E in Hillsboro.

As always, please drive safely and watch for pedestrians throughout the community! 





The 2015 Annual Homeowners Meeting was held on

January 19, 2016

There an announcement was made regarding the election of members to the board the results are as follows:


Michael Morrey  -  Country Holow

Bob Schultz  -  The Highlands

Phillip Durben  -  Grayhawk

Mario Sericolo  -  Hillsboro

Laura Bailey  -  Sterling Ridge


The board would like to thank past board members for their service to the community! 

   NOTICE REGARDING PARKING RULES ENFORCEMENT: The Streets of Silver Creek have become clogged with repetitive parking violators once again. Parking/towing patrols that once helped keep our streets as clear as possible are out and working. Inevitably there will unfortunately come a time that access will be necessary by emergency vehicles. If cars are blocking the streets, these first responders cannot get through to help you or your neighbors. Please do your part and keep your vehicles off of the street (park in your driveway or your garage). During these random patrols cars found parked on street will be tagged and warning letters will go out via a detailed tracking system. Parking guidelines are posted and can be seen by navigating through the fees, rules and regulations tab above. Please help keep Silver Creek safe! 

Latest Community Newsletter Available if you wish to view please click here Please visit the announcement, meetings and events page under the "about" tab above to see all available newsletters 

 Dues Assessment Information:

Payment for the first half of 2016 was due no later than January 31 (If you have a balance, you are now past due). Collection efforts have begun on any past due accounts. If you have a special circumstance and need special arrangements please contact ellie@jc-higgins.com right away.


A second half/balance statement of the 2015 HOA dues assessment was mailed to all homeowners of record at their address of record in July 2015 (if the account showed a balance owing). Unless you have payment arrangements with the management company, the balance must be paid immediately. Balances left owing after July 31st, continue to show as delinquent and collection actions have been and will continue to be taken. These efforts will become more severe as time goes on and legal action can be expected. Your Association operates at its best when all owners pay their share - it is not fair for some to support all. If you have a special circumstance and need special arrangements it is imperative that you contact ellie@jc-higgins.com right away.


There are several convenient ways to make your payment: please click on the "Fees, Rules and Regulations" page above, there you can scroll down to the "HOA dues payments" tab where you can read about these options.

Should you find yourself in need of payment arrangements other than the traditional billing cycle (half in January balance in July) please contact management: 

ellie@jc-higgins.com  or call Ellie at 253-841-0111 ext. 117 to make suitable arrangements.

The 2016 budget can be viewed here. (Note the assessment amount remains the same as 2015)


Street Lights


See a street light that is not on? or maybe it’s blinking?


To report a problem with a street light;


If you live in


Country Hollow or Brookfield


click on the following link:



and go to the “contact us” line on 'The Repair Works' website. Once there, fill out the contact form In the “message” box please type in the number of the streetlight… this will be a three digit number (001 – 141) which you will find by going to the light and looking at the pole. The number is on the "road" side of the pole about six feet above the ground. (If the number is missing for some reason, give a location i.e. the nearest house address, cross street etc.) Once the contact form is filled out click “submit” to send the report.

You may also call the phone number listed in the contact form. Once you have made a report, please email membercare@silvercreekwa.com and let us know that you have done so.


If you live in


Premier, Highlands, Ashford, Grayhawk, Southridge or Hillsboro


click on the following link:



Enter the address nearest the light and the Intolight Grid Number and/or Intolight tag number.  Intolight tag number is located on the light pole about six feet above the ground. Click submit to send the report. Once you receive the email notification back from PSE that verifies they received your report; please forward that to membercare@silvercreekwa.com





For a limited time, you can rent the clubhouse on weekdays (Monday through Thursday) for almost half off the rental fee!


Friday - Sunday will remain $175.00 rental fee;


however Monday - Thursday fee is ONLY $100.00! (*that's almost half off!)


**(Please click on the Clubhouse and Facilities page (under the 'Community & Services' tab at the top of this page) for damage deposit and other details).


There are speed bumps installed at each entrance and exit to the Country Hollow Neighborhood. Your Board of Directors made the decision to install these in an attempt to cut some of the high gate repair expenses. Please drive carefully when entering or exiting this area. The board also felt that this would help promote the safety of pedestrians near the gates.


NOTICE: Board Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Silver Creek Community Center. Homeowners are welcome to attend and observe these meetings. 





(curb painting)


It has come to the Association's attention that someone is going around offering to paint house addresses on curbs in the community. Please note that these curbs are common area property controlled by the Association. In the past the Board of Directors has allowed this action however only in the basic "black on white" color scheme. Any deviation from this these colors would require board approval. Painting that may have occurred recently in a different color scheme (without approval) will be required to be changed.  If you wish to request approval for anything different, you may send an email to hoaboard@silvercreekwa.com for consideration. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Silver Creek as uniform as possible and for following the proper protocol regarding HOA rules.



Help Wanted:


Your Homeowner's Association is always in need of volunteers. There are many people who, working together, keep the HOA running by volunteering their time - we wish to thank them all. Some positions are vacant and some are filled by people who wish to take a little break. If you can volunteer any amount of time at all, to do anything at all, it would be greatly appreciated; please contact us via email hoaboard@silvercreekwa.com and let us know what your talents and time availability are... we will try to find a place for you. 'Many hands make light the work' and it takes many to run this "small city" that we call home!


Thank you,


Board of Directors




Recognized Official Committees

Notice: All committees are selected by the Board of Directors. As such, only Board approved and appointed committees are recognized as official and any information obtained through other sources should be verified.



(If you wish to inquire about any of these, or form a new committee of any kind, please contact the board or management via membercare@silvercreekwa.com to make your proposal.)

The recognized official committees are currently:

  • ACC (Architectural Control Committee) : acc@silvercreekwa.com
  • Budget & Finance Committee : membercare@silvercreekwa.com
  • Community Events committee: EVENTS@silvercreekwa.com
  • Neighborhood watch patrol : silvercreekpatrol@gmail.com
  • The Neighbohood watch patrol (new as of September 2013) is now recognized and supported by the Silver Creek HOA. Anyone (whether a resident of Silver Creek or not) acting in any 'Neighborhood Watch' or 'Crime Watch' capacity other than as trained by the Pierce County Sherrif's Department is doing so of their own volition and is not endorsed by the HOA in any way. If any homeowner or group of homeowners are interested in this committee, they should contact the committee directly. Anyone interested in starting any other form of a crime watch committee would need to contact the board of directors by email hoaboard@silvercreekwa.com to present a proposal. The Board could then put volunteers in touch with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department for proper training, and then may consider endorsement of the group.